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PINKYou probably won’t believe that these days, not a long time ago news in the media wrote about the killing of 3 (three) tigris Sumateraensis which were wild animals to be protected due to lack of this species left in the whole world. There might be only 400 tigers left in Sumatera, other part of Indonesia and other zoos in the countries outside Indonesia. The price of the beautiful skin of this wild animal was soaring up to the sky. 

They said in the newspaper that those animals were killed by trapping them in the border of the people’s village, near the plantation of sawit or crude palm oil trees. Further the news said that this wild animal sometimes stealing fishes from the net of the village’s fishermen in the bank of the rivers in Sumatera island. So that peoples of the village got very angry and committed to catch the naughty animals alive or dead.

But, unfortunately the body of these animals killed were found without their skin. They just left the animals’ bodies without their skin in the jungle nearby the people’s village. Oh, poor animals with their tragic death. There’s no friendly relationship among people and those animals protected by law. It’s a pity that the Indonesian government did not take any action to this violance against animals protected. Because I’ve never heard that somebody was brought to justice for this kind of crime…

Another tragic story about one man killed by a group of elephants trespassing people’s village. Those huge animals were cracked his body, leaving only pieces of his broken bones with cracked skull, so that no one could identify parts of his body anatomically. The elphants seem were very angry to the man, perhaps due to over manipulated territory of this wild animals for sawit plantation.  The elephant’s habitate were so badly exploited, that no more food for the animals to find for their lives..  Another sad story from Sumatera island..

Let’s think this way. If we were greed and not friendly to the environment, then wait for the end of this world. As we could see, there lots of  disasters everywhere in every places due to the greed of mankind to over exploited the environment. And we’re now getting closer and closer to the end of this world.. So, be wise and friendly to environment…

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