BEBEKGlobal recession probably soon will come. None of the nations in this world could reject when the time has come. It’s like a timed bomb, will explode when the setted time has come.. Be prepared for the worst thing in our lives.

Well, live nowadays is full of problems to be solved. At work, at home, on the street, everywhere  we’re facing dozens of matters. And with no exception, everybody has his or her own unfinished businesses to be done. Matters today are far beyond those,  back two decades ago. We’re now facing complicated problems due to life style.

We’ve heard about the great recession in 1929. Especially in the US, the economy that time was very difficult. There almost no economic activity, the deepest recession has ever been. Every body lived helplessly and hopelessly. No one could avoid the condition.

A few years ago the oil prize was only US $ 13 per barrel, comparing to US $130 this week. It soars up to one thousand percents or ten times. And the skyrocketting prize of oil automatically would rise everything’s prize for our lives. No matter you’re living in western, eastern country or in a developed or developing country and the third world.

The situation seems to be complicated due to so many disasters lately in this planet of earth. Global warming, Tsunami, Katrina in New Orleans, Nigris in Myanmar and the Earthquake in Sechuan, China to name some of them. We’re all  exhausted with so many tragedies which took so many people’s lives.With death toll around thousands to millions.

Soon we’ll be in the multi dimensions crisises : food, energy, climate, etc. People will fight each other just to get food, as we have seen in Haiti in the Pacific ocean. More and more pains to be suffered by all of us in this whole planet. We are now like being tortured, very very painful…

Because of those, right now we have no more energy to be awake, no attention to be paid to such issue like recession. We already are in very deep sorrows. Our burden of lives are so huge, almost to the bottom of patiently…  Then who cares with recession?

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Posted Thursday, May 29th, 2008 at 8:03 pm
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