RicepaddyPenjorBebekAs years before, I visited  beautiful village of Ubud,  which located along Campuan river with lovely green trees  beside the river. The road is curving, like a walking snake and you can see many artshops selling handicrafts or restaurants with many food choices, even a gallery selling paintings, ceramics  and potteries.

People in Ubud mostly are artists and the rest are farmers, looking for their rice paddy in the field. Ubud located in the hilly place, with a medium temperature (27-28 Celcius degree) during day time.  When you are looking for something different than beaches, then Ubud is an alternative, with so many terraces of rice fields and coconut trees.

I dropped in at the diner most famous in that area of Ubud, called Bebek Bengil in Balinese languange or Dirty Ducks in English. This resto very popular for the crispy fried duck and the rests. This is a semi-open resto, and you can sit on the chair, or you sit on the floor with a special table that is not too high from the floor, just like Japanese resto with a tatami.

The atmosphere  inside the resto was so tranquilizing, with pool of lotus, little fountain that drops water rhytmically, statues, Balinese temple and offerings, and far behind lies a very green ricepaddy with cottages… What a lovely panorama as you can breath fresh pure air in that outdoor location..

The village of Campuan where the late famous artist Antonio Blanco from Italy and his family live, in the bank of Campuan river. He married a Balinese woman and they have children and his mansion were changed into a Gallery and Museum of Antonio Blanco.

Pengosekan is another village in Ubud, where the young artists used to live. And they have a very special name for their creation in paintings, called the “young artist” style This style of painting is different from any other painting styles, in which this young artist style will not using the perspective rule as : ‘the farther the object, the smaller you draw it’. So, in this young artist style whatever objects far and near, the artist will draw the same details. In other words, not the bigger when the object is near, and the smaller if the object is far away. Then young artist painting is unique and cute…

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