OfferingsAdmitted or not, obedience to our parents plays the key role in our long journey of lives, especially for people living with eastern culture like Indonesia.

I was born in Denpasar Bali. I was a loving daughter of my parent due to my academic records since play group until entering the Faculty of Medicine.

And also I did whatever my parent wanted me to, in other words always obeying their words, except one thing that I do regret until this time.

If only God gives me a chance to be reborn, then I do really want to do correction to my behaviour to my parent. I have made them disappointed, when I disobeyed their words, not to marry until I finish my study in medicine.

And that was the greatest mistake I’ve made. Because since then, everything went wrong..

I took so long time to pause from studying my medical sciences, even almost droped out. My first son had to go on surgery for ileus invagination by his just 4 months old baby.

And after that more and more bad experiences I had to face in my daily life.

I went back to campus after ten years absent. And this was never happened, if only my mom did not push me time after time to continue my study, be a career woman, have my own income and be financially independent.

Yes, I do regret so much for being disobeyed to my parent especially my mom. She was a tough woman, school teacher and always wished her children to be men and women with dignities..

I miss my mom and dad almost everyday. I wish I could made them happy, before they passed away..

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Posted Sunday, April 13th, 2008 at 4:35 pm
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2 Responses to “The greatest mistake I have made, in my life”

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    Dr. Sukma Says:

    Thanks for your comment and advice.

    Setiap hari saya berterimakasih kepadaNya atas apa yang telah saya terima di hari itu. Karena saya selalu berusaha menjadi ‘grateful person’.

    Thanks again for your touchy advice..

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    Kus Says:

    denny, bersyukurlah dan berterimakasih kepadaNya, bahwa denny sudah seperti sekarang ini, kemudian coba pasrah untuk mencapai yang terbaik buat denny. Semoga Tuhan memberkatimu selalu !!!
    Salam kasih.

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