As we know, Alzheimer Disease is one of the degenerative diseases affecting cerebral cortex. Its principal clinical manifestation is dementia that is, progressive loss of cognitive function independent of the state of attention. Dementia is not part of normal aging and always represents a pathologic process. The clinical symptoms are related to the changes in the cerebral cortex.

Recently, there’s a publication disclosed that Alzheimer Disease could be cured by a special gadget like a mobile phone which has very high quality camera that could take pictures very fast, accurate and with high density quality that help the patient to remember life adventure sequences in his or her life. Almost every important moment of his or her life will be captured in that small gadget, so that the patient hopefully would not easy to forget every single moment and emotional experience they have had in their lives. Inclusive people close to the patient : family, friends, neighbours, etc. will stick to the memories of the patient.

I would say this gadget is very helpful tool and as an extraordinary approach to such disease. The most famous patient of Alzheimer was the late, former President Ronald Reagen. Thanks to the IT and we have a great expectation that in the near future more and more diseases could be cured through this hi tech breakthrough..

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Posted Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 at 11:11 am
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