ShenzenOctober last year, I visited Hong Kong and Shenzen for a vacation.

My first visit to HK was 32 years ago, in 1976.. Wow, you can imagine how crowded HK at present with more comfortable subway system, just like New York metro subway.

But still the Pedder street does like before, a busy narrow street with stepladder. And what is new is The Hong Kong Disneyland resort at Sunny Bay, close to Lan Tau island near the new international airport Lap Chap Kow (?).

The busiest growing economic trade center near Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. Shenzen with ‘window of the world’ in mainland China is a fast growing economic city, if I don’t miss even the fastest besides Shanghai.

I like the precious stone from Shenzen : jade with variety of colors, eg. green, pink, purple, yellow. I bought some of them as necklaces and bracelets.

new and spacious HK International AirportOn the way back to HK from Shenzen by train which took half an hour, I had to pass many check points with big banner ‘Are you feeling unhealthy with fever, now and recently?’ If the answer is yes, you should come to a special quieu for unhealthy people to be checked by medical assistants with medical mask on their nose and mouth for Avian Influenza prevention.

I think that’s the proper way to restrict the virus epidemic of H5N1 which caused Avian Influenza.

HK airport, waiting to departAnd here’re some photos : on top the growing city of Shenzen, in the middle is the new modern and spacious HK International Airport  and at the bottom HK Disneyland train with Mickey mouse at the back ground.

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