KEBAYA PINKBefore 1983, gastritis was presumed due to hyperacidity of our stomach. Since Dr Barry Marshall and his colleague found microorganism called helicobacter pylori ( HP) in Perth, Australia – the paradigm was totally changed.

Nowadays we believe and can be shown on the slides, the role of HP as the cullprit of gastritis. So, the paradigm now is changing from hyperacidity (chemical, sterile) to infection by HP.

As the concequency, the therapy for the disease are changing from alkali as an antidote of acidity to antibiotics to combat HP.

Whoever have had symptoms like epigastric pain or heartburn, bloating, belching and so on will now be cured not by drinking 3 glasses of milk everyday, but by taking antibiotics susceptible for HP.

HP infection when left untreated, will go on a premalignant lesion (dysplasia) and further on becomes malignant one ( stomach cancer).

And for his spectacular invention of HP as a big leap in medical sciences, Dr Marshall and his colleague won a Nobel Prize in medical field.

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Posted Thursday, March 13th, 2008 at 7:42 pm
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    mila n tjaja Says:

    Doc,could I ask a question regarding this Helicobacter pylori? My poster mam is having this disease now, I saw her stomach swallowed like a pregnant woman (3 months pregnancy). She already knew about she is having HP inside her gastro, but seem the antibiotic treatment she underwent for app. 2 months resulted nothing.

    My poster mam age now is 45 y.o. She is a mother of one son, she has a lot of activity in work also she is an introvert.

    According to her doctor, she should do endoscopy, what I’d like to know is whether this test will hurt her? She want to do this test in Penang (malaysia), could you suggest me what hospital having a best internist to evaluate the endoscopy result?

    Last but not least, will my mom die because of this disease Doc?What is the next treatment if endoscopy found a lot of infection in her stomach, will it hurt her? What is the symptom I should aware that the disease became vicious ?
    Thank you in advance for your kind attention.
    Mila N Tjaja

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