LIONOur environment especially here in Sumatra where Pekanbaru located is now critical. Why is that ? Almost every week we could see the headlines of the media here with a picture of wild animals, eg. elephant and tiger. Both animals were like ‘died in vain’.

Elephant and tiger both are protected under Indonesian law and coordinated by the ministry of Environment. Long before I work and stay in Pekanbaru, I never read or heard about the two extraordinary animals.

Since 2 years ago, I am very familiar with the news about elephants that cracking down people’s villages or sawit plantations and a tiger being trapped by people.

A group of elephants used to ruin everything they met : houses, plantations where people growing palm as a popular commodity also known as Crude Palm Oil (CPO). The angry animals left the villages nothing, and people have had gone before the animals came, for their safety to a nearby village.

This situation happened, due to the animals habitate in the forest were destroyed by people to open a new plantation. Well, it’s like fighting each other between man and animals because their habitate was destroyed by people, so the angry elephants fight back and destroyed villages. People and animals are not living in harmony.

So do the tiger. Due to the trees in the forest were cut by people doing illegal logging, then the tiger fight back and killed goat, lamb, etc. from the villages. This action of the tiger make people angry too, and try to catch the animal alive or dead. So they put somekind of entrappment, as can be seen in the media..

We are now living disharmony and unfriendly with the environment. That’s why lots of disaster lately happened, eg. flood, eruption, earthquake, etc. So be wise to nature..

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Posted Saturday, March 15th, 2008 at 4:15 pm
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3 Responses to “Living Disharmony with nature : Wild Life animals entering People’s village”

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    Gaga FKH Says:

    yeahhh,, i’m looking for tiger that get Helicobacter Gastritis,,do u know where i find it??thx doc…

  2. 2
    Dr. Sukma Says:

    Dear Ridho,
    Sorry, for being late in responding to your comment. I just came from Jakarta, for a short holidays.

    Sure, I still remember you as one of my medical students at Riau University. You and the other students were my favorite students, due to your ability in writing medical issues as a student’s task in that semester.

    Well, I look forward to hearing another comment and I promise will write the Indonesian version.
    Thanks for your comment, Ridho.

  3. 1
    Ridho FK Says:

    hello doc…
    how r u?
    still remember me??

    what a really nice blog…
    we can take many medical informations from this…

    how to make it doc??
    would u teach me sometimes…
    he he….

    we wait for the indonesian version….

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