HEgiemsaRecently I found two young people with colon cancer i’ve diagnosed.

Firstly I don’t believe how a 25 years old male got the deadly disease. The second one was a 37 years old male with pedunculated anal canal polyp that later on I diagnosed with anal canal cancer.

I was wondering, if these two patients were junk eaters due to the changing of way of life these days among Indonesian youth. More and more people are now think that they are modern people with modern way of eating. No more fibers, no naturally resources of vegetables. They want everything quick serve, no need to prepare food as their parents did. Then they come at last to canned food, practical one that need less time and easier to prepare and consume.

But they do not know the harmful of their options. Yes, not many people know that when you eat refined food as the canned food, that makes less motility of your gut, this will caused the transit time of your stool much longer, compare to the high fibre food that we used to eat.

The longer the transit time, the more chances of interactivity between the wall of your gut and the feces which contained harmful chemicals. These chemicals usually come from food preservation, and other chemicals with carcinogenic potential.

Toilet training become very important to our kids, that they do have to pup everyday at the same time. Do not miss this habit in every single day of your life.

So, please reconsider to ‘back to nature’ way of life and way of eating. Back to your parents way of life decades behind.

Not everything old is bad…

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Posted Friday, February 15th, 2008 at 9:10 pm
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2 Responses to “Colon Cancer : why high fiber food and toilet training so important ?”

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    Dr. Sukma Says:

    Hi Seba,

    Thanks for visiting and your questions.

    Classically, the patients of colon cancer usually are those in their fivties- sixties. And nowadays patients are much younger. Very sad..

    About hydrotherapy, it’s a kind of colon detox or detoxification. This is meant to flush all those toxic waste materials or chemicals away from inside your colon. So that we start with a new better, cleaner, and healthier colon.. it’s not abosolutely adviseable, but you can try.
    For me I’d better take laxative to clean up my colon and the whole digestive system.

    I agree with you, that we better take natural fibers from fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

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    seba Says:

    Very interesting article doc :)
    I’m female, 28 y.o. I’m surprised that someone in such a young age (25 y.o) was diagnosed with colon cancer. I’ve asked a doctor before, and he said that the chance of getting colon cancer for those below 40/50 y.o is very slim. I myself used to be junk eater. I ate a lot of canned/preserved food. I want to start changing my way of eating, hopefully it’s not too late. I’ve heard abt colon hydrotherapy, is it advisable to undergo the therapy? Is consuming tea bags rather than loose tea also considered unsafe? Also, is it safe to consume fiber food/drink (eg Vegeta), since they’re packaged and may also contain preservatives.
    TIA :)

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