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fotoEvery one knows but not each of them practicing a good habit to keep themself healthy. In order to be healthy, physically, mentally and mindly we have to do exercise, practicing yoga and have beautiful mind.

I used to do treadmill twice a week at the gymnasium firstly to keep my cardiology state in good track. I do this because my mom was passed away due to cardiogenic shock three decades ago..

For mental health, I always try to be grateful, no matter how small the kindness and the blessing I got from other people and God.. I also try to be satisfied for whatever the condition I am in, because I realize there are so many unfortunate people around me, less fortunate than my condition..

I think it’s important too to be generous to other people, help if I can and feel happy when my neighbours are happy.. I throw away jealousy or envyness. That way, make me feel comfortable with everyone. And I do feel this planet of earth seems tranquil and friendly, despite the tsunami, earthquake and typhoon happened..

Positive thinking will lead you to think nice, elegant and beautiful mindset. By positive thinking I will not create my own anger, pessimistic thoughts, helplessly, surrender, etc.

So, being nice to myself and anyone else around me would keep me healthy in three aspects : physically, mentally and mindly..

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Posted Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 1:43 pm
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3 Responses to “Keeping your body in good shape”

  1. 3
    faisal Says:

    yes bu dokter, the one who has gastro problem.. thanks 4 all your post and sharing, may Allah bless your kindness..

  2. 2
    Dr. Sukma Says:

    Hi Mr.Faisal,

    Thanks for visiting to my blog and commenting on my post.
    And you are the guy from Kalimantan Selatan, right ?

    Inner beauty is much more important than physically beautiful. Think a beautiful mind is part of inner beauty.
    And positive thinking will reflects on to your face…

  3. 1
    faisal Says:

    I really like this post, bu dr. sukma.. always be thankful and grateful, healthy body and beautiful mind, i hope i can managed myself into..

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