microsA few days ago, I’ve done a fine needle aspiration biopsy(FNAB) on a big lump in the neck of a female patient, 34 years of age. She has the lump since 20 years ago, it grows bigger and bigger until a diameter of 15 cm, when the first time she saw me. At that time I made a diagnose of adenomatous goiter, due to the abundant macrophages seen on her slides.

Adenomatous GoiterAdenomatous Goiter 2Yesterday, the patient underwent surgery and a big specimen I received from the operating room. Yes, as you can see on the photograph herewith, they’re bilateral thyroid gland, right and left lobe. When I looked at the microscope, I was so happy, because I did see the morphology of adenomatous goiter. I was not dreaming,

I sent an sms to the patient, telling that her tumor was totally benign, nothing to worry about. So, I hope I will see her someday in Timika, West Papua where the panoramic nature are absolutely fantastic..

Yes, I am still happy until I write this article, because I was successful with my job. God bless me! Thank you God..

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Posted Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 at 7:41 pm
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4 Responses to “Adenomatous Goiter in 34 years old Female”

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    Dr. Sukma Says:

    Hello JABuduan,

    I am glad too that you had a benign lesion of your thyroid gland. Congratulation and take care…

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    JABuduan Says:

    Hi. Im really glad in your findings. I, too, went under the knife and had a different diagnosis after my surgery. I was initially diagnosed with papillary carcinoma which was known after a needle biopsy was done on a lump found in my neck. Then I went to a private (reputable) hospital to have my surgery done. Instead of removing all my thyroid, the doctor suggested that there will be a biopsy of the cyst to determine whether total or subtotal thyroidectomy shall be done. I was grateful when the latter was resorted to since the real finding was an adenomatous goiter with papillary hyperplasia. Thanks God for the result.

  3. 2
    Dr. Sukma Says:

    Dear medical student,

    Thanks a lot 4 ur comment.. Your comment encourage me to write more about our medical world. (I’ve heard that some people beyond medical society were frightened when they looked at the macroscopic specimen in the article).

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    VerbatimCries Says:

    Cool DOC!!

    Dr. Sukma please blog more on medical and surgical stories =) It will be inspiring for medical student like me ;)

    Thank you!

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