my youngest sonI have four sons, and no daughter. They’re all healthy and each of them has his own character. Each of my son has his own desire and each of them is unique to me. Here I write briefly about my youngest son, whom I had so big expectation from him. Want to know?

He was so cute since he was born. He’s just look like what I wanted him to be since he’s in my womb. At that time I was pregnant for him, I used to think about and imagine of a good looking movie star from the western country.

His academic records from play group until he passed his high school was C to B (average to good).

Unfortunately, after three semesters at the faculty of Art and Design of Bandung’s Institute of Technology (ITB), his academic record was going down, I presumed due to influences from people around him.

I could not control who’s his schoolmates, playmates, and others. I was so busy with my medical practice.

Well, he’s now grown up, I hope he’ll find his way to be a successful guy.

Mom always do pray the best for you, my dear son. May God bless you always, whereever you are and whatever you do.

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Posted Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 at 12:26 pm
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