As we know, Alzheimer Disease is one of the degenerative diseases affecting cerebral cortex. Its principal clinical manifestation is dementia that is, progressive loss of cognitive function independent of the state of attention. Dementia is not part of normal aging and always represents a pathologic process. The clinical symptoms are related to the changes in the cerebral cortex. Read the rest of this entry »

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ShenzenOctober last year, I visited Hong Kong and Shenzen for a vacation.

My first visit to HK was 32 years ago, in 1976.. Wow, you can imagine how crowded HK at present with more comfortable subway system, just like New York metro subway.

But still the Pedder street does like before, a busy narrow street with stepladder. And what is new is The Hong Kong Disneyland resort at Sunny Bay, close to Lan Tau island near the new international airport Lap Chap Kow (?). Read the rest of this entry »

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HEgiemsaRecently I found two young people with colon cancer i’ve diagnosed.

Firstly I don’t believe how a 25 years old male got the deadly disease. The second one was a 37 years old male with pedunculated anal canal polyp that later on I diagnosed with anal canal cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

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I don’t exactly remember, if this kind of hematologic neoplasia coud occur in such old person. What I know, is the cyto-morphology of this patient seemed to show Reed Sternberg cells on my assestment.

But I still consider this case of being an NHL, with Pleomorphic peripheral T-cell Lymphoma type, which is caused by viral infection (HTLV-I). I do have the smear slides, but forgot to take picture of this patient with enlargement of submental lymph node and a large bulky lump on his left neck. He is doing good, but.

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Other part of the tumorIt’s really squeezed my energy to think and at last to get a diagnose of a very rare tumor of central nervous system located at the frontal lobe.

Neurosurgeon said that the tumor was en-plaque, maximum spread to the duramater with no penetration to the hemisphere. On X-ray examination there were no bone destructions, only bone enhanched. And he assumed it to be a benign tumor, eg. osteoma. Read the rest of this entry »

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Around Christmas December 2007, I spent 2 days and one night enjoying Penang as the second paradise in the earth, after Bali.

Well, I was born and grew up in Bali, so I am very familiar with the culture and landscape of my island. I’ve heard about Penang more than 30 years ago, but only just two months ago I realized my dream to visit Penang. Infact Penang is almost like Bali, especially in that resort area called Batu Ferringhi. The night life with cafes and foodmart in the open air, seems like Kuta Beach for me. Even more with the night market along the principal street, where we could buy bags, shoes, acessories, etc.

There’s a bridge connecting this island of Penang to the Malacca peninsula which is about 13,5 kilometers length. I supposed to see Butterworth harbour, but I could not due to my short visit.

I was impressed by the taxi driver, who would give you his name card with his phone number, so that we could call him, whenever we need a taxi.

Like in other part of Malaysia, in Penang there are 3 ethnic groups : malayan, indian and chinese. All these three ethnics are working hand in hand in daily life. Most of the drivers are indians, stores and shopping mall belongs to chinese and the malayans do restaurants and food marts.

And this is a photograph from foodmart at Batu Ferringhi.

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